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dithering tool

the only major feature that I see missing from this software is a tool for dithering. Please add one!

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  • Xavier Stamps-Lafont commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Something like a dithering option for the fill tool, or a dithering paintbrush.

    I just tried the pencil with a checkerboard pattern of my secondary color, but when I click and drag, it fills the pixels which I want blank (so that the primary color remains there).

    The way that I do it right now is to set the line tool to my secondary color and then use shift to restrict it diagonally. It works, but it takes time. Some dedicated tool for dithering would be awesome!

  • Samarth AGARWAL commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This what I reckon is required:
    Ability to choose...
    1. ... an area for the dither.
    2. ... location of colours.
    3. ... the type of dither(see following:
    4. ... the two colours to be dithered.

    The reason we'd want this is the pattern tool requires a new
    pattern everytime the width/height of the area or the direction(location of colours) changes.
    Flow of the tool:
    1. Select Area.
    2. Press dither button.
    3. Select colours.
    4. Select location of colours(N(W/E), S(W/E), W, E).
    5. Select type of dithering.
    6. Select intensity of dithering(Slider).
    7. Press dither.

    You'd also be able to save dither configs(Having to re-enter the values everytime you wanted to create a shadow would be a pain).

  • NathanFace commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think he means a tool that will do something like this automatically:

    I agree! A dithering tool would be awesome! I'm imaging you could use a slider to choose between 0 and 50% dithering, or perhaps a "gradient selector" like in illustrator that allows you to blend between two colors, only with Pixen you could be more precise. There are several types of dithering, like checkered (in the example in the link), stylized, and interlaced. It would be a great addition.

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