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bugs in the palette widgets

While editing a sprite, the frequency palette may miscount colors used, displaying incorrect results.

When changing a palette index's color, it may appear incorrect in the frequency palette, and cause miscounts.

The only way to refresh the frequency palette is switching between it and the recent colors widget.

When switching between the recent colors widget and the frequency palette, the frequency palette may display incorrect colors (typically after changing a palette index's color)

After double clicking on a palette index within the frequency palette, it is not easy to exit the palette editing mode. (E.g cannot "deselect" the palette index without switching to the recent colors widget)

The values in Apple's HSB Sliders color picker seem to be inaccurate; When I set the color using these sliders, then switch to another color and back, the values are not what I originally chose. (May be an artifact of the conversion to RGB)

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  • Dan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This area is one of the most infuriating portions of the program i spend my time on.

    I also find that if you want to go back and change a global colour of something and you swipe the HSB sliders around to find a colour and shade you want, if you accidentally stop on a colour you have already used it will just completely get rid of that colour and the area you are trying to affect will just disappear.

    I am swaying towards using Pyxel Edit as the palette has more options and you can create ramps easier but i do enjoy Pixens simplicity.

  • Stoo commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Agree, there's some oddities around the palette and picking colours. I've been having to guess my way around this, when selecting a colour should be the colour I'm going to use, or be shown in the left click/right click selected colour in the toolbar.

    Additional to this, it would be nice to be shown a selection of progressively lighter/darker colours to choose from.

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